Local Craft Beer & Bar

We offer the best local craft beer and bar in the area since we have many great local breweries close by us.  Come in and try your favorite beer from your favorite local brewery or explore an exciting  new taste.  You can always see our current tap list here.  We’ve also got a full-service bar, with 40 different whiskeys in case you’re not in the mood for a cold one.

We have 12 taps that rotate weekly, so there is always something new to try at the Tilted Barrel.  Come and explore a new favorite or hang with the old stand by that you have loved for years.  We don’t judge.  Just come on in and enjoy yourself.  You’re among friends here.

craft beer
Tilted Barrel 12

We also have a full bar available, so bring some friends, we have something for everybody: 40 different whiskeys, run, vodka, tequila.  You name it, our bar staff can make it!  Our most popular drinks with our customers are the Colorado Elk, our Mules (especially, the Lemon), and our own Loveland Punch.  

The Tilted Margarita

For those with a palate for grapes, we didn’t forget you.  We offer wines in all the  colors of the rainbow – from Merlots, to Chardonnays, and even Pinot Grigios for those who crave the sweetness of this historic beverage.  Served in a stemless wine glass, this has become a favorite of some whilst watching others partake of our beer and other craft spirits.

Whatever you drink, whatever you’re style, we don’t judge, come stay awhile.  There’s something special about the local community pub to relax, tell stories, celebrate, commiserate, or just be among friends.  The Tilted Barrel, is that place.  We invite you to come in and introduce yourself to the team and let us take care of you for awhile.  You deserve time in our local craft beer and bar pub.